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Custom Designs

We redesign old pieces of jewelry or create new, custom-made unique pieces, transforming your ideas into reality. Each custom designed piece is uniquely tailored to the customers' desires to reflect individual preferences. These designs are sketched and rendered by our jewelers and altered at will by you.


Ring Sizing

$25.00 and up

We resize rings of platinum, white gold (18k, 14k, 10k), yellow gold (18k, 14k, 10k), and silver.

Ring Prongs

$10.00 and up

We reinforce prongs on rings that support precious stones.

Precious Stones

$15.00 and up

We reset any loose stones or replace them with stones of your choice.

Watch Batteries

$7.00 and up

We only use the best quality Swiss made batteries including Maxwell and Renata.

Chains and Bracelets

$15.00 and up

Bring in any ill fitting or broken chains and bracelets for soldering.

And more of your jewelry needs!

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